UFO is an idea i had in mid 2023 while working with a dancer and a violinist in a project where i play hndschn.
the dancer is triggering notes, soundscapes and video by dancing in front of a firewire camera connected to JunXion, the violinist uses a loop-machine, the hndschn is connected to JunXion also.
since the music comes from movement instead of musical structures it seemed a good ide to develop an instrument that uses intuitive movements instead of thinking in musical patterns.

the UFO is based on a Teensy 2.0 with the following sensors:
CAP1188 8-sensor capacitive touch sensor
ADXL-335 zccelerometer
KY-040 rotary encoder
HT16K33 sonar
7-seg LED
3 switches
8 red LED's

MIDI_UFO_bb copy